COVID-19 Info

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Current COVID-19 restrictions have resulted in the following changes: 

  • Groups of up to 12 people may take part in a wine tasting & farm tour. This number includes any children present. 

  • Patrons must check in via the SafeWA app or physical register. 

Pemberley staff take COVID-19 precautions very seriously. We are ensuring that our cellar door remains a safe, hygienic space to entertain. The following precautions have been put in place: 

  • Adequate space for patrons (2m square per person)

  • Thorough cleaning & disinfecting of all surfaces, furniture, bathroom, door handles etc. 

  • Glasses and cutlery are cleaned at high temperatures in a dishwasher. 

  • Promotional items (wine order forms etc) are single use only.

  • Hand sanitiser is available in the cellar door and bathroom.

  • All staff have completed the COVID-19 Safe Hygiene course and have downloaded the COVID-19 App.

Covid Contact Register - To be completed during your wine experience. 

Covid-19 Contact Register

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