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This page details information relating to employment

for our 2024 grape harvest. 

Thank you for applying to work with Pemberley.

Picking dates: 

Wednesday 21/02 - Location #3

Please arrive to the picking location between 5:30am-5:45am to sign in, get equipment and receive instruction. Picking begins at 6:00am. We finish when the required amount of grapes are picked.


There are three locations where we pick - make sure you know where to arrive. 

Picking Location #1 Forest View Vineyard: End of Ockwell Road

Picking Location #2 Pemberley: 104 Ockwell Road

Picking Location #3 Bellarmine Vineyard: 332 Smiths Road 

If you get lost, call Lisa on 0430304429.

Picking Map.png
Picking Map - Bellarmine.png

What Will I Get Paid?

Employees are paid by piece rate, under the Federal Wine Industry Award 2020 (MA000090). View the award here

As detailed by the Award: 

17.2 The piecework rate fixed by agreement between the employer and the employee must enable an employee of average capacity to earn at least 20% more per hour than the minimum hourly rate for ordinary hours of work which is prescribed in this award.

An employee of average capacity will earn an hourly wage of $34.39. This is 20% more than the minimum hourly rate of $28.66.

(Schedule B 2.1)

The bucket price changes every day depending on how easy the grapes are to pick. 

Example #1: Emily is a fast picker. She picks 42 buckets of grapes in 6 hours, with a bucket price of $5.30. She earns $222.60 (42x$5.30), plus a paid 15 minute break paid at the hourly rate of $28.66 ($28.66/4 = $7.16). For the day, she earns $229.76 which equals $38.29 per hour. 

Example #2: John is an average picker. He picks 38 buckets of grapes in 6 hours, with a bucket price of $5.30. He earns $201.40 (38x$5.30), plus a paid 15 minute break paid at the hourly rate of $28.66 ($28.66/4 = $7.16). For the day, he earns $208.56 which equals $34.76 per hour. 

Example #3: Peter is a slow picker. He picks 27 buckets of grapes in 6 hours, with a bucket price of $5.30. He earns $143.10 (27x$5.30), plus a paid 15 minute break paid at the hourly rate of $28.66 ($28.66/4 = $7.16). For the day, he earns $150.26 which equals $25.04 per hour.


As detailed by the Award: 

17.10 Nothing in this award guarantees an employee on a piecework rate will earn at least the minimum weekly or hourly rate in this award for the type of employment and the classification level of the employee, as the employee’s earnings are contingent on their productivity.


You will be informed during the break and in the evening if you are a fast (above average), average, or slow (below average) picker.

When Will I Get Paid?

We pay every two weeks on a Thursday.

Pay dates: 





You will receive a pay slip to your email address. The money should deposit into your bank soon after the pay day.

The Contract:

When you arrive you'll be asked to fill out an employee contract and a tax form. We will provide these documents.

You will need to tell us: 

-Tax File Number

-Superannuation Company and Account Number

-Bank Details: BSB and Account Number

-Passport Number (if you are not Australian)

Please make sure you know this information when you arrive. Delays in supplying this information lead to delayed payments.

You can view the contract here.


What Should I Bring?

Bring with you: 

-Water bottle

-Morning Tea


-Comfortable walking shoes



When working at Pemberley, you are NOT PERMITTED to smoke cigarettes. Please do not work for us if you must smoke cigarettes during the work hours.

When working at Pemberley you must wash your hands after touching: 












How To Grapes Pick At Pemberley


  1. You will be assigned an employee number.

  2. Work with a partner. One partner on each side of the grapevine.

  3. You each pick one side of one bay.

  4. Start at opposite ends to your partner, so you don’t cut each other through the vine.

  5. Buckets will be ready in each bay. Choose a bucket and make sure all the numbers have been removed. Write your employee number on your bucket with chalk, on the painted areas.

  6. If the bucket has someone else’s employee number written from when it was previously used, make sure to clean the number off. This is very important, so only your number shows, so you get paid for the bucket.

  7. Fill the bucket to the center part of the top.

  8. Do not put in any sticks or leaves.

  9. Do not lose your secateurs, and be careful not to cut yourself.

  10. It is important to pick fast and fill your buckets correctly. Do not leave grapes unpicked.

  11. When you and your partner have both finished the bay, move up to the next available bay together.

  12. If your bucket is not full when you finish the bay, take it with you.

  13. When the bucket is full, put it on the pipe underneath the vines. The tractors need to drive in the row so you cannot leave buckets hanging out.



If you have questions, please email Lisa at hello[at]


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