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Pemberley employs seasonal workers (local or backpackers) during the spring and summer periods of the region.



All full-time positions are currently filled until September 2024.

To Apply:

We will accept applications for full time work from August.

When you are in Western Australia,

please apply by emailing your CV to Lisa at:


January - March

We employ 2-4 full time seasonal workers for assistance with potato harvest and grapevine management.

These positions are filled.

Grape Harvest (4-6 weeks sometime in February - April)

We employ 2-4 full-time seasonal workers.

Additionally, approximately 10 days are spent hand-picking

grapes, requiring up to 40 seasonal workers for these days.

We have finished Grape Harvest for 2024.

May - August

We are in our quiet period and are

not seeking seasonal workers. 

September - December

We are in our moderately busy period and

employ 2-4 workers for grape vine maintenance.

Workers must be fit, often walking 10km per day.

Full-time workers can choose to live at Pemberley or at Backpacker accommodation in Pemberton or Manjimup.

Full-time workers must provide their own transport.

View our saved Instagram stories from our previous vintages

to see what it's like to work at Pemberley!


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