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We have been registered breeders of pedigree Labrador Retrievers for 25+ years. We aim to produce healthy high quality pets and now truffle dogs. Our lines are currently crossing Australia's best show dog lines  with world class detection dogs. The puppies are reared in and around our family, resulting in friendly, family-oriented puppies.    


To join our waiting list, please email Monica at with a short description about you and your family.


ANKC Member No. 6007257170

For verification, contact Dogs West

Chocolate puppy, 2016

Kirkdell Travel West (Kylo), Feb 2019

Lisa with trio of puppies,

August 2017

Chalkdell Cinders Rey.jpg

Chalkdell Cinders (Rey), our recent retiree and resident truffle hunter


A young photo of Makuru, our current breeding dog, daughter of Kylo


Sauvignon, one of our best mums

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