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Southern Forests, Western Australia – 02/12/2023

In a celebration of culinary excellence and regional produce, “Paddock to Plate” welcomed 64 esteemed guests, including the distinguished presence of The Honourable Jackie Jarvis MLC, Minister for Agriculture and Food, Small Business and Forestry, to indulge in an unforgettable dining experience.

The event, held at Pemberley of Pemberton in the heart of the Southern Forests region, spotlighted the diverse bounty and quality offerings that characterise this agricultural area. Showcasing a menu that incorporated the finest produce from the area, guests were treated to a gastronomic journey that encapsulated the essence of the region's seasonal harvest. Under the marquee, surrounded by grapevines, the guests enjoyed live music by local musician Helen Rose.

Highlighting Local Producers and Flavours:

The evening commenced with a glass of Pemberley Prosecco, followed by an appetiser featuring Marron with Avocado. This dish was a collaboration between Pemberley of Pemberton and Bendotti Avocados, setting the tone for a menu focused on local excellence.

Ryan's Quality Meats chefs prepared an entrée of Low and Slow Beef Ribs and mains of Dry Aged Tomahawk steak with meat from Stirling Ranges Beef (who source from the Southern Forests region and beyond). These dishes emphasised the quality beef from the region. Accompanying these tantalizing tastes were sides that truly reflected the Southern Forests’ produce, such as Patane Produce Chat Potatoes with Farm Fresh Truffle Salt and Alkoomi Olive Oil. The trio of salads, created by the chefs of Tall Timbers Manjimup further showcased the abundance of fresh, local ingredients.

Dessert was a delectable affair, featuring a Honey Panna Cotta with Mixed Berries using ingredients from Pemberton Honey Co., Bannister Downs Dairy, Berry Sweet Strawberry Farm, and Kerry’s Cherries, accompanied by a heavenly Citrus Chocolate Truffle from Southern Forests Chocolate Co.

Pemberley of Pemberton launched a new wine to their range during the event, the Bordeaux style red “Velours en Rouge”, which blends Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine was very well received and complemented the rich Tomahawk steak dish exquisitely.

A Toast to Regional Beverages:

The beverage offerings paid homage to the area's viticulture, boasting an assortment of fine wines from Pemberley of Pemberton, complementing the evening's delectable fare. Tall Timbers Brewing Co. provided craft beer, while Willarra Gold tantalized with Passionfruit Soda & Cherry Soda, offering a refreshing touch to the culinary journey.

Fourteen different local producers were featured during the event.

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